Experience the Future of Blockchain with Oasys' L2 Chain Verse!

ChainGuardians is revolutionizing the industry with Chain Verse, a blazing-fast new blockchain purpose-built for immersive gaming experiences.

Chain Verse unlocks lag-free gameplay with ultra-fast transaction speeds. Its security features also enable true ownership of in-game assets. Easily move your hard-earned prizes between chains.

On Chain Verse, gameplay reaches a new level. Assets are truly yours, creativity flourishes, and communities can build exciting gaming worlds together.

Get ready for the future of gaming - owned by players, powered by the people. Chain Verse changes the game.

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Experience Lightning-Fast Gaming with Oasys Architecture: The Ultimate Combination of Public L1 and Private L2 Blockchain Technology. Introducing Chain Verse: Oasys' State-of-the-Art L2 Blockchain Solution

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Chain Verse Joins the Oasys GameWave Genesis Hackathon 2023

The Chain Verse team participate in the GameWave Genesis Hackathon at Singapore Token2049, hosted by Oasys and AWS.

Chain Verse will pick one winner during the demo day on 13th Sept 2023, providing a number of support to the winner to deploy and grow their project on Chain Verse.

Idon Liu, NFT Professor of ChainGuardians, will attend as a judge and award a prize of 3,000-5,000 USDT to the winner.


Head of BD

Dominic Jang

Head of BD

Head of BD
Co-Founder & CEO

Jack Vinijtrongjit

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CEO
Core Contributor


Core Contributor

Core Contributor

Mo Dong


Technical & product director

Didier Genevois Web3

Technical & product director

Technical & product director
NFT Professor

idon Liu

NFT Professor

NFT Professor
Entertainment Business Div.

Keisuke hata, GM of Blockchain

Entertainment Business Div.

Entertainment Business Div.
Experience the Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform!

Chain Verse, built on Oasys Layer 2, offers a next-level web3 gaming experience. With blazing fast transactions powered by one of the fastest EVM blockchains, gameplay reaches exciting new heights.

But Chain Verse is more than just speed. Robust security features create a trusted environment where players can game with confidence knowing assets are protected.

For developers, Chain Verse provides an inclusive environment to build and launch games. Easily onboard existing games or create new blockchain experiences from scratch. Access a full range of support too - from consulting to fundraising and marketing launches.

On Chain Verse, creativity and community come together to shape the future of gaming. Enjoy true ownership, seamless asset integration, and limitless possibilities.

Deployment made easy. Tap into the potential of blockchain gaming on Chain Verse today.

"Deploy on Chain Verse"

what is oasys

Unleashing the Potential of Blockchain Gaming.

Oasys solves the toughest problems facing blockchain game developers today. How? With an unbeatable trifecta:

  • A scalable environment optimized for gaming
  • Lightning-fast speeds powered by validators
  • An intuitive user experience

This powerful combination enables the seamless development and distribution of blockchain games.

Oasys is fueled by a unique mix of leading AAA game developers and blockchain experts who have come together to revolutionize the industry. A scalable environment optimized for gaming

Major studios are already building the next generation of games on Oasys. The ecosystem welcomes gaming leaders and indie developers seeking to embrace blockchain. An intuitive user experience

On Oasys, creators and gamers collectively advance the world of gaming. True ownership of in-game assets becomes reality. The possibilities are endless.

Oasys readies all participants to build, play, and push the boundaries. The wait is over. The blockchain gaming revolution is here.

OAS: Fueling the Blockchain Gaming Revolution

OAS is the rocket fuel powering the Oasys ecosystem and Chain Verse gaming universe. As the native token, OAS unlocks the full potential of the platforms and their participants.

oasys token

OAS tokens empower holders to:

  • Gas Fees: Pay gas fees seamlessly across the network - game without friction
  • Decentralized governance: Participate in governance to shape the future
  • Staking rewards: Earn staking rewards for helping secure the platforms
  • Accessibility: Access NFTs, in-game assets, and exclusive content

OAS Token:

As Oasys and Chain Verse scale, so does OAS utility and value. The token aligns incentives between users, developers, and the platforms.

OAS lets the community collectively build the blockchain games of their wildest imagination. The growth is exponential. The possibilities are infinite.

Enter Oasys and experience the future of gaming - open, connected, owned by players, fueled by AAA creators.

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